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Having a small outdoor space doesn’t have to put a damper on your enjoyment of certain parts of your home. The outdoors should be a place of peace and serenity, not a place for disdain of your home’s layout! You may even feel that having a small outdoor space will deter you from entertaining guests there. That doesn’t have to be the case, as every outdoor space is useful in one way or another. There are so many ways to make use of any size outdoor space. Even the smallest outdoor spaces have great potential. Here, we’ll break down some of the ways that you can make better use of your outdoor space. These tips may also even enhance the way your outdoor space is currently set up, no matter what its size. Use Drapery or Fabric Certain patios and outdoor spaces allow for objects to be hung. Plants aren’t the only thing that should be hung outside. There’s plenty of options available to you. Using outdoor curtains or a piece of fabric is a classic way to make a space appear larger. The reason for this is that the cloth draws the eye’s attention away from the size of the space, making it appear larger than it actually is. This technique is also useful when it comes to separating part of your outdoor space or creating privacy. If your small space includes a balcony with nosy neighbors, hanging some pretty fabric may be just the solution you need to enjoy the outdoors with some privacy. Hang A Mirror Outside The same principle of hanging a mirror inside the home works outside the home. Mirrors also draw the eye’s attention away from the space itself. This will make any outdoor space feel more open. Mirrors have the same effect as cloth in that they help make rooms and spaces appear larger. Hanging a mirror outdoors is also an “out of the box” idea, so you’ll impress guests when they see this idea put into action. It’s not typical to see mirrors in outdoor spaces, so you’ll seem like a decorating genius. If you have a wall somewhere in your outdoor space, a mirror can be useful there to make your space appear larger than life! Hang String Lights Or Lanterns Outdoor lighting is great for brightening dark corners in both small and large spaces. String lights also fill an otherwise unused space and draw the eyes upwards, creating the sense that the space is larger than it actually is. Outdoor lighting also just makes sense. It makes an outdoor spaces safer for people to enjoy as there’s more visibility. Outdoor lighting is a practical, decorative way to fill a space.

42 No Main St, Belchertown, MA 01007



Charming farmhouse near center of town! Electric has been updated and Mass Save has insulated. New french doors and New boiler in 2013. Many new perennial garden beds add to the beautiful oversized, private backyard. Walk to town or shopping or take a convenient bus. Great site for Belchertown Parade!! Wonderful 3 season sunporch on the side. Country kitchen opens on to back deck and is perfect for entertaining. Beautiful wood floors add to the ambience. Master bedroom and bath on first floor. 2 bedrooms and office/bonus room upstairs. Washer and dryer in large pantry on first floor
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Believe it or not, fall may prove to be an ideal time to add your home to the real estate market. In fact, there are many great reasons to sell your home in autumn, including:

1. You may be able to capitalize on a seller's market.

The housing market frequently slows down as the summer reaches its conclusion. Meanwhile, for home sellers who list their residences in fall, there may be a shortage of quality houses available to homebuyers. This means that your home may stand out in a seller's market, and ultimately, you may be better equipped to optimize the value of your home.

Although fall may represent a seller's market, it is important to note that you'll still want to do whatever you can to help your property stand out from others. For example, mowing the front lawn, removing leaves from your driveway and walkways and performing other home exterior maintenance is essential to boost your home's curb appeal.

In addition, you should be willing to listen to any homebuyer's offer on your home in autumn. Remember, homebuyers may be looking for a deal and submit offers that fall below your initial expectations. But if you don't feel comfortable with an offer, you can always counter a homebuyer's proposal, which could lead to an agreement that works well for all parties.

2. Many homebuyers may be looking to take advantage of tax breaks.

Homeowners can take advantage of various tax deductions, including tax breaks related to mortgage loan interest and property taxes. Thus, homebuyers may search for properties in fall so that they can capitalize on these tax breaks before the year ends.

If you take care of your residence and explore ways to revamp your property's interior and exterior, you should have no trouble generating plenty of interest in your property in fall. Furthermore, home sellers who spend time preparing their houses in summer can add their residences to the real estate market in fall and may be able to reap the benefits of a quick home sale.

3. You're sure to find many experienced real estate agents to help you sell your home.

Real estate agents are happy to assist you in any way possible in fall. These real estate professionals will be able to offer insights into the autumn housing market that you may struggle to obtain elsewhere.

Your real estate agent can serve as a guide throughout the home selling process, helping you overcome any potential roadblocks along the way. If you ever have concerns or questions about selling your residence in fall, your real estate agent will be available to respond to your queries. Plus, your real estate agent will set up home showings, keep you up to date about offers on your residence and do everything he or she can to help you get the best price for your property.

Work with a real estate agent to sell your home in fall. By doing so, you can take the guesswork out of selling your residence.

This Single-Family in Springfield, MA recently sold for $154,000. This Ranch style home was sold by Judy Rivard - Sawicki Real Estate.

40 Gertrude St, Springfield, MA 01118

East Forest Park


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
Very nice 3 bedroom ranch with 1.5 bath, attached garage and an oversized lot. Move-in condition, hardwood floors through out, fireplace in large living room. Additional space in basement ready for renovation and expansion. Come see this home before it goes!!

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Birds represent freedom and hope. Their voices are uplifting, inspiring. Hummingbirds,robin, plover, sparrow, swallow and cardinals are a few beautiful birds that you can attract to your home if you install a bird bath. You’ll wake to a distinct bird song or call as more birds discover your back yard to be a safe haven.

Varieties of bird bath options

Bird baths add décor to the exterior of your home, especially if you clean the bath once a week or as needed. Concrete, marble, copper, resin, cast stone and polymer are material types that bird baths are made with. Smaller bird baths are made of thick glass.

There are a range of colors and shapes that you can get bird baths in. As an example, you can install white, green, yellow, blue or gray bird baths. Square, round and cascading are shapes the baths are made in. A cascading bird bath may have three to four different baths on it.

Think about the numbers of birds you want to be able to bath in the bath simultaneously. The larger the numbers of birds you want to attract to your yard, the larger bath size you want. Baths need to offer enough room for birds to flap and clean the space between their feathers. Avoid bird baths that hold too much water, as small birds could drown if there’s too much water in the bath.

Heated bird baths come in ground and above ground designs. The baths operate off of electricity and solar energy. Regarding their designs, many baths are built with an accompanying stand. If the bath that you want doesn’t have a stand, ask the store clerk to recommend a stand for you.

Bird bath accessories

Also, get a thermostat if you’re installing a heated bird bath. Modern designs have built-in thermostats. That shared, should you live in a mild climate area, you may want to forego a heated bird bath and thermostat.

On the other hand, if temperatures where you live dip below 40 degrees, a heated bird bath could be a welcomed luxury by your favorite pets. You could get a heated bird bath that keeps water from freezing even on days and nights when temperatures get down to as low as 20 below zero.

Bird bath fountains can sprout water from the middle or side of the bath. With a cascading bird bath, fountains send water gently flowing from dish to dish. Fountains keep water moving. But, fountains don’t eliminate the need for you to refresh bird bath water.

Attract enough birds to the bath and you’ll have to regularly clean the inside and outside of the bath itself. Keep birds safe by choosing a bird bath that doesn’t have a slick surface. Birds need to be able to move around on the bath safely. Ask a store clerk how birds respond to different types of material before you buy a bird bath.

You might have to check with your homeowners association or another housing agency to see if you need to get approval to install a bird bath, especially if you’rethinking of installing a bath that operates off of electricity. Definitely place bird baths out of the reach of cats and other neighborhood pets. To really be a hit with neighborhood birds, hang a bird feeder in your back yard.